The Experience

Curaumilla Arts Center is the core of Curaumilla Foundation. It was founded in 2006 after a 6 years stay of our artistic director, Marilu Rosenthal, at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado, USA.

Since its opening it has been dedicated to experiential and knowledge transfer through workshops and residencies involving local and international artisans and artists. Workshops are carried out mainly under the concept of “Art Safaris”, which are performed during summer months in high standard tents and focused on ceramics.

When the Foundation was created in 2009, Arts Center broadened its possibilities to work towards new artistic and creative areas and its perspectives for the future. By these means, the main goals of Curaumilla Foundation are to promote the creative act as a shared experience as well as to strengthen an associative network that generates greater opportunities for the dissemination of culture beyond the artistic experience and facilities of the Arts Center.

Estuvimos 3 días inmersos en ese espacio, incentivando conversaciones espontáneas entre un grupo interdisciplinario venido de distintos lugares del mundo y gestando las bases de un trabajo más consolidado que se mantiene hasta ahora. Pudimos idear sensores acuáticos para monitoreo de la costa, intervenciones públicas con luz y sombras, nuevos diseños sociales dentro de naves espaciales, una flota de satélites de bajo costo y algunas locuras más. Curaumilla permitió que estas locuras se incubaran y se volvieran cada vez menos locuras y comenzaran a tangibilizarse. Este lugar es único guardando un balance perfecto entre naturaleza, elegancia, inspiración y calidez.

Camilo Rodriguez-Beltran (México). TED Fellow, 2013

There was something in the whole experience that opened my sense of possibility in the world, and I came home feeling hopeful, not only for myself, but for people of good will everywhere.

Nancy Smith (EEUU). Artista invitada, 2011

Even though we cant communicate as easy verbally we enjoy being with beautiful people who have different cultures and different paradigms than us. We love coming to this wonderful place.

Chad B. Nielson (EEUU). Estudiante, 2013

Every time I leave the workshops it is with a new outlook on my life and the world around me.

Alison Mckinley (EEUU). Estudiante, 2014

Mostly I want you to know how it represents what a wonderful exchange of culture I got to experience at Curamilla. You really sparked my interest in local Chilean culture.

Lisa Pedolsky (EEUU). Estudiante, 2012

What an unbelievable experience and so much knowledge and skill shared. You all have (and still are) created a miracle and a piece of paradise.

Elena White (EEUU). Estudiante, 2013

I’m very happy because I worked alongside wonderful people, different cultures, each in their own way, but all teaching and learning from each other.

Alexandra Camillo (Brasil). Estudiante, 2013