External activities

Imaginary Safaris

Residencies in four natural spots in Chile where both well known national and international artists together with emergent artists, develop creative experiences and objects through dialogues with the social and natural environment.

Dates to be confirmed

Conferences + Workshops

“Residencies to develop artists’ professional careers: creativity, development and networks.”

Antofagasta – Santiago – Valparaíso – Concepción – Valdivia

We offer a series of workshops and conferences about the processes to apply to residencies, to develop the creative, professional and working skills, for both artists and curators.

Dates to be confirmed

Factory Puelagalán


We have supported a workshop destined to produce both decorative and functional ceramics, to be distributed amongst the people that were affected by the fires in Valparaíso.

Valparaíso, September 15th to November 24th, 2014

Experience and Creativity

Toni Puig Conference

October 27th, 2014 9 – 11 am
Castillo Hidalgo (Cerro Santa Lucía)

Teamwork day

“Experiential Cuisine”


July 2014

Teamwork day

“Taste the Experience”


December 2013