Why Support Curaumilla Arts Center?

All our donations are tax deductible



Your gift to Curaumilla Arts Center supports the Center’s work at many different levels—from the personal experience of resident artists, to the ways that Curaumilla enriches the culture of Valparaiso and Laguna Verde, and the important role that Curaumilla plays within national and international networks of ceramic artists.


When you make a gift to Curaumilla Arts Center, you directly support time and space for artists to create, innovate, and connect. Two-thirds of Curaumilla Arts Center annual expenses are covered by registration fees, grants, and fundraising events, but we rely on your support to sustain our programs. We welcome gifts of any amount.


All donations are tax deductible through Capital Community Foundation EIN:56-1942969. Capitol Community Foundation, a 501c3 Foundation located in Raleigh North Carolina, has agreed to act as an intermediary for Curaumilla Arts Center and will collect contributions and pledges in support of Curaumilla.






Sustaining Curaumilla Arts Center experience:


  • Intimate residencies with a big impact—Curaumilla arts Center fosters artists from around the country and world for a period of two to six weeks—often generating life-long connections and insights.
  • A non-hierarchical, problem-solving environment— Our residencies are not focused on a single instructor or a workshop format.
  • Place as a source of inspiration— Curaumilla Arts Center is nestled in a valley surrounded by the Pacific Ocean near Valparaiso. With a commitment to supporting local food systems, much of our food is sourced from abroad.
  • Facilities that help artists grow— With its large studio building and extensive kiln facilities (including a wood kiln, a train wood kiln, and a gas salt/soda kiln), Curaumilla Arts Center offers a space where artists can experiment and extend themselves.

Enriching Valparaiso’s and Laguna Verde’s community:


  • Curaumilla Arts Center offers a gathering place for regional clay artists to meet and collaborate on firings and in the studio.
  • Curaumilla Arts Center makes art accessible to diverse audiences through its workshops, public talks, community events and educational outreach programs.

Cultivating leadership in the Arts field:


  • Curaumilla Arts Center draws leaders in the arts field, both legendary experts and emerging talent—shining a spotlight on their craft and helping them to inspire others.
  • Curaumilla Arts Center helps connect artists, curating special exhibitions for galleries and events including CONTAF and NCECA.


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Become a Curaumilla Circle member by supporting Curaumilla Arts Center through a three-year commitment of $1,500 or more. Curaumilla Circle members’ sustaining gifts provide Curaumilla Arts Center with a critical revenue stream that is truly the lifeblood of the organization.

Curaumilla Arts Center provides awards of financial assistance to artists who attend our summer and fall residency programs annually. These scholarship awards are funded by generous individual donors interested in sponsoring an artist’s residency.

Learn more about how you can include Curaumilla Arts Center in your future plans and have your legacy continue for years to come.

  • 4- Donate stock

Giving stock shares is another easy way to support Curaumilla Arts Center.

Historically, year-end is a popular time for making stock gifts. Many thoughtful donors review their stock portfolio and select stocks that have appreciated the most and have been held for more than a year. To learn more about giving appreciated stock consult your financial advisor or CPA or contact Curaumilla Arts Center at +56992597505 ; +56998729032 or at


If you’d like to make a contribution by check, please note what you’d like your funds to support in the memo line and mail it to us at the following address:


Capital Community Foundation

Curaumilla Art Center.

Attn: Don Mumford, Jr.

PO Box 2611

Raleigh, NC




Thank you for your donation to Curaumilla Arts Center for the Arts. Your gift, no matter the size, is important and helps us provide art-changing and life-changing experiences.