Artists Residency Program

Our residency program offers artists the opportunity to produce art with total dedication.We expect to open a space where artists and artisans meet and share their experiences regarding different techniques, specialties to investigate and develop. Because this program brings together several residents at the same time, the idea is to establish conversations, creative processes and opportunities where exchange, collaboration and creation are the result of this “togetherness”.Applications to residencies are open throughout the year. Residencies are held during autumn and spring (Chile).


Curaumilla Arts Center residency program intends to foster artistic growth and exploration. Residents are encouraged to push themselves to cross the border towards new creative and artistic expression. They encourage “Applied Contemporary Art” aimed at finding art experiences associated with deep immersion processes, both individual and collective, through space for experimentation, risk, questioning, provocation, astonishment, and creation.

Applications to residencies are open throughout the year. Residencies are held during autumn and spring (Chile).


Demo day, exhibition, mural projects, open studios etc.

Accommodation Information 

Individual rooms with bathroom, library, living room, terrace, barbecue.

Studio Information 

Ceramic facility, conference rooms, co-working, desk space, fabrication lab, gallery, individual studio, installation space, library, sculpture facility, shared studio, wood shop.

More information of the residency program here.

If you decide to apply, please download the form (at the bottom of this page ) and send it to with your portfolio.


Lisa Pedolsky (EEUU) Resident Artist, 2013

“My own experience at the center far exceeded my expectations and this had much to do with your warmth, hospitality and friendship, and your interest in making my stay memorable. Your zest for life was infectious and your commitment to opening my eyes to the world in and around CAC contributed greatly to the breadth and depth of my four weeks residency. To date, direct outcomes of my residency include two art shows (one solo and one group show), two speaking engagements, and a published article in a major ceramic journal in the United States; this, all in less than one year’s time.

There was something in the whole experience that opened my sense of possibility in the world, and I came home feeling hopeful, not only for myself, but for people of good will everywhere.

— Nancy Smith (EEUU). Artista invitada, 2011

Even though we cant communicate as easy verbally we enjoy being with beautiful people who have different cultures and different paradigms than us. We love coming to this wonderful place.

— Chad B. Nielson (EEUU). Estudiante, 2013

Every time I leave the workshops it is with a new outlook on my life and the world around me.

— Alison Mckinley (EEUU). Estudiante, 2014

Mostly I want you to know how it represents what a wonderful exchange of culture I got to experience at Curamilla. You really sparked my interest in local Chilean culture.

— Lisa Pedolsky (EEUU). Estudiante, 2012

What an unbelievable experience and so much knowledge and skill shared. You all have (and still are) created a miracle and a piece of paradise.

— Elena White (EEUU). Estudiante, 2013

I’m very happy because I worked alongside wonderful people, different cultures, each in their own way, but all teaching and learning from each other.

— Alexandra Camillo (Brasil). Estudiante, 2013

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