Curaumilla Art Center – Residency Program



Curaumilla Art Center – Residency Program

Our residency program offers artists the opportunity to produce art with total dedication.We expect to open a space where artists and artisans meet and share their experiences regarding different techniques, specialties to investigate and develop. Because this program brings together several residents at the same time, the idea is to establish conversations, creative processes and opportunities where exchange, collaboration and creation are the result of this “togetherness”.Applications to residencies are open throughout the year. Residencies are held during autumn and spring (Chile).
Curaumilla Arts Center residency program intends to foster artistic growth and exploration. Residents are encouraged to push themselves to cross the border towards new creative and artistic expression. They encourage “Applied Contemporary Art” aimed at finding art experiences associated with deep immersion processes, both individual and collective, through space for experimentation, risk, questioning, provocation, astonishment, and creation.
@centrodeartecuraumilla located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and about half and hour from #valparaiso #chile ! This residency program is open to visual art , writers, investigation, but most of all to ceramics with its unbelievable woodhoven!!!
Applications to residencies are open throughout the year. Residencies are held during autumn and spring (Chile).
Demo day, exhibition, mural projects, open studios etc.
Accommodation Information 
Individual rooms with bathroom, library, living room, terrace, barbecue.
Studio Information 
Ceramic facility, conference rooms, co-working, desk space, fabrication lab, gallery, individual studio, installation space, library, sculpture facility, shared studio, wood shop.

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Download information of the residency programhere.
If you decide to apply, please download the form and send it to with your portfolio.








  1. About Centro de Arte Curaumilla

Curaumilla Art Center is a space dedicated to the formation, creation, deliberation, experimentation and exchange of artistic language. Its location in a natural setting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean promotes experiences of personal immersion in an environment of collective care, where learning and creativity emerge.
Our project began in 2007 and since then we have had pottery workshops each year, addressing different topics. In 2013 we decided to begin with the second part of our dream and open a residency program. This year we had the first artist in residence in ceramics in the Art Center Curaumilla, who was sponsored with a scholarship from the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, NCECA.
Since then, we had different artists working in our Residency program.

  1. Residency Information

Our program seeks to promote the development and artistic exploration across the boundaries of comfort. This is designed to provide to the artists the opportunity to produce a work with absolute dedication in an inspiring environment.
We promote the “Contemporary Art applied” encouraging art experiences associated with deep immersion processes, both individual and collective, through spaces for experimentation, the risk, the questioning and the creation.
This program is part of international networks of residences, Res Artis y Alliance of Artists Communities.
How to Apply
The artists who are interested should send the application form with personal and professional information and the project to develop during the residency. A committee will select the residents according to the submitted material, images of previous works and the project proposal of residence.
The Curaumilla Art Center, interested in the strengthening of its relationship with the artistic and local community, appreciates if the resident artists have an activity of diffusion of his art (exhibition, workshop, conference, or meeting of the Open Studio).
If the residents to their return should present a final report with the photos of its works and its experience to its sponsor, please send a copy to the Center of Art Curaumilla.
The cost of the program is USD $380 weekly, which includes access to the studio, accommodation and transport to and from Santiago.
We request a deposit of USD $300 once it is accepted into the program which will be deducted from the final payment.
In order to have a better experience in the residence, in the case of ceramics, we recommend a minimum stay of 4 weeks, however, we are open to adjust the program according to the needs of different areas and each resident.
The equipment and facilities of the study include work tables, wheels, compressor, wood and soda kilns and others.
We are not provided with scholarships, but we can prepare support letters in case you need it to have access to finance your residency.
Not included in the costs:

  • Airfare and transport from a different places than Valparaíso or Santiago
  • Accommodations outside de Art Center
  • Costs of procedure of visas
  • Medical Insurance
  • Personal working tools
  • Materials for the studio (clay and others) and firings
  • Laundry
  • Food

Clay and firings
Each resident has a unique project, so we hope to plan with each one the type and quantity of clay required to develop its project. We will send to each resident some suggestions of materials and costs in advance, according to its project.
Curaumilla Art Center is located in Camino al Faro Km 7.5, Valparaiso, Chile, on the Pacific coast about 20 minutes south of Valparaiso and 120 km from Santiago International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Merino Benitez)
It is important that you know that the Curaumilla Art Center is located in an isolated place on the coast of Chile. One of the most valuable characteristics of the center is its location, but it also means that the electricity works with generator and there are not permanent water services in the surrounding area.
However, this same condition has led him to develop a policy of self-sustainability to meet the basic needs. Considering that water is a critical element and we want to respect the natural environment in the best possible way, all the participants are fundamental in the use responsible for this resource, As well as in the plan of “reuse, recycle and reduce” both the raw materials used in the workshop, such as in the preparation of meals and daily activities.
In the event that you do not have personal transport, transportation is provided to and from the airport at the beginning and at the end of the residence. The trip is about 2 hours.
You can also coordinate other trips to visit workshops and museums of Valparaiso and/or Santiago, prior agreement.
If you prefer, you can rent a car to have more independence in the mobilization, in Chile you can find many offers to rent a car.
Accommodations for the workshop will be simple, yet comfortable.
Each resident will stay in a private room provided with sheets and towels and bathrooms and showers with hot water.
We will do all that we can to ensure that everybody is comfortable while staying at Curaumilla.
Residents are responsible for their own meals.
At the beginning of the residence we can bring each one to a supermarket (it is important to remember that there are no stores near the art center).
Sometimes the art center organizes meetings, lunches or studio visits, and residents are invited to join this activity if they wish.

We ask all residents to be responsible for the cleanliness of the spaces used, both at the workshop, your room and common areas.
Although we provide staff that realizes a general cleaning a week, we hope that every participant should help in this work.
There is no laundry service available at Curaumilla, but we can bring clothes from residents to Valparaiso or Santiago every week. The cost of the service will be per bag of laundry.

Preparation for the Residence
Here are some advices to help you prepare your trip.
Getting to Chile
You will need to arrange your own travel and we can help you if you have any doubt.
If you come from other countries, the closest airport is the Santiago International Airport, “Aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benitez”. It is recommended that you make your travel arrangements early, at least a few months before you expect to travel.

Visa Requirements
A valid passport is necessary to enter Chile.
Most citizens of other countries do not require entry visa, but there are some who do need. So we recommend to verify your personal situation in the follow link:
Citizens of Mexico and Australia must pay a reciprocity tax at the airport when they arrive in the country. This tax has to be pay in US dollars cash.
The unit money in Chile is the Chilean peso. 1US dollar=676 pesos; 1Euro=757 pesos.
You can change money at the airport or in the more important cities in Chile. The rate can fluctuate, so we recommend to check the official information
Credit cards are accepted in most of the restaurants and shops in Chile. MasterCard and Visa are the most commonly accepted.
Tipping in restaurants is 10 %.
Please do not tip individual employees in Curaumilla Art Center while you there.

Chile is a very long country with many different climates. Curaumilla is located in the middle of the country on the Pacific coast. Curaumilla has a year round temper climate. The winters are rainy and the summers are dry.
Chile has opposite seasons from North America.
In January, the Chilean summer, days are hot with cool nights. The averages temperatures are 22.5°C (72.50°F) high and 13.3°C (55.94°F) low. Sunny days can be hot (around 80°F), and cloudy days can feel a little chilly.
October and November, is spring, the temperature can be between 25° C to 8° C (77 to 46° F).
Often it is foggy or cloudy in the mornings, and warm and sunny in the afternoons, but some days are very very windy. And can be a little cold….

Medical Information

Your stay in Curaumilla will be an adventure and we will do everything possible to keep you safe and comfortable. Ultimately it is your responsibility to stay healthy and well.
Chile is a modern country with up to date health standards and services.  However at some point during the trip, you may feel a little off or tired. This is to be expected, it is normal for your body when experiencing a new culture and country.
It is recommended that get travelers insurance.  Most travelers insurance is cheap with coverage for transportation and cancellation costs. In the event of an emergency, there is very good health service in both Valparaiso and Santiago.
To stay healthy, you need to be cautious with water and food. Do not drink any tap water or ice. Fruit is very good in Chile and we have a lot of varieties. You can eat any fruit that is peeled or washed properly. Cooked food is usually OK.
Please feel free to discuss with us any health issues that might concern you.

General Recommendation
As an adult you are responsible for the consequences of your actions. You will need to respect Chilean laws and customs.
Chile is a safe country to travel around. The people are warm and friendly to tourists. Do not bring expensive jewelry, and take normal precautions with your money and your passport.

Contact Information
Residents Director:   Camila González Esnaola
Art Director:  Marilu Pelusa Rosenthal




Raquel Salvatella  (EEUU) Resident Artist, 2019

“Residing at Curaumilla Art Center has been an unforgettable experience. It gave me the opportunity to slow down in a typically busy academic life, so that I could find the time and mindset to experiment, think, make mistakes and create, using mediums I do not usually work with.

The quietness of the place together with its architectural and natural beauty and the remarkable people I met during my residency were artistically inspiring, and also made me feel welcome and at ease. In short: the perfect environment to start producing new work. 

I believe the relationship I formed with the center and the people that work there will be a lasting one”. 

Alison Mckinley (EEUU). Estudiante, 2014

Mostly I want you to know how it represents what a wonderful exchange of culture I got to experience at Curamilla. You really sparked my interest in local Chilean culture.

Lisa Pedolsky (EEUU) Resident Artist, 2013

“My own experience at the center far exceeded my expectations and this had much to do with your warmth, hospitality and friendship, and your interest in making my stay memorable. Your zest for life was infectious and your commitment to opening my eyes to the world in and around CAC contributed greatly to the breadth and depth of my four weeks residency. To date, direct outcomes of my residency include two art shows (one solo and one group show), two speaking engagements, and a published article in a major ceramic journal in the United States; this, all in less than one year’s time.

There was something in the whole experience that opened my sense of possibility in the world, and I came home feeling hopeful, not only for myself, but for people of good will everywhere.

Chad B. Nielson (EEUU). Estudiante, 2013

Every time I leave the workshops it is with a new outlook on my life and the world around me.

Elena White (EEUU). Estudiante, 2013

I’m very happy because I worked alongside wonderful people, different cultures, each in their own way, but all teaching and learning from each other.

Lisa Pedolsky (EEUU). Estudiante, 2012

What an unbelievable experience and so much knowledge and skill shared. You all have (and still are) created a miracle and a piece of paradise.

Nancy Smith (EEUU). Artista invitada, 2011

Even though we cant communicate as easy verbally we enjoy being with beautiful people who have different cultures and different paradigms than us. We love coming to this wonderful place.”